In 2013 I was approached by Hopeless Records with a very unusual request for one of my favorite bands, The Used. 

The band was set to release an EP and wanted a visual accompaniment for each track to use online. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but the band wanted to use a technique that I was unfamiliar with at the time, using found and stock footage to create a wildly unique edit. 

The direction from the band was highly political and they wanted to spare no expense in shocking their viewers. One of their initial statements of direction was to aim for the video to get 'Banned from Youtube'.

The final edit is the product of hours and hours of searching through Youtube clips and other stock footage outlets, seeking out the perfect moments to capture the nature of the band's vision for their EP, The Ocean of The Sky.

Below is the official edit for the lead track, Iddy Biddy.

You can view the rest of the visuals I created for the album here. 

The Used - Iddy Biddy (Official Video)

Little did I know, this style would play a huge role in my editing for the next few years. In 2016 while working closely with Polyenso, we also created a music video using found footage and effects, creating a psychedelic whirl of a lyric edit for the band's track, Not My Real Life

POLYENSO - NOT MY REAL LIFE (Official Lyric Video)

We went on to create another edit in this style, this time using a little added footage of the band to create a slightly different feel. 


Client(s): The Used (Hopeless Records), Polyenso. 
Role(s): Producer, Director, Editor, Designer.