Caspian: Reflections on Dust and Disquiet

In 2016 I was approached by Triple Crown Records to work on a set of visuals to coincide with the release of Caspian's full length record, Dust & Disquiet. 

Shortly after, I was sent a hard drive full of footage captured by the band in hopes of putting together a documentary visual reflection that captured the essence of producing their album, as seen below. 


Caspian's Philip Jamieson reflects on the making of Dust and Disquiet one year after the release of the album.

Footage recorded by Caspian bassist and Jani Zubkovs at Q Division Studios in Somerville, MA during the making of the album.

Set to the song "Ríoseco" from Dust and Disquiet.

Edited by JL

Client: Caspian (Triple Crown Records)
Role: Editor