The Bicycle Days is a psychedelic exercise in design, highlighting often overlooked graphics and images lost in deep corners of the internet. Each piece is a collage of graphics highlighted by a psychedelic color scheme to bring new life to old imagery. 

The name ‘Bicycle Days’ is a direct homage to the discovery of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) by scientist Albert Hoffman in 1943, where he ingested a threshold dose of the chemical and experienced it’s true effects while riding his bike home from his laboratory. The name also reflects the many hours I’ve spent riding a bicycle where many of my creative ideas have formed during miles of pedaling. 

The idea was conceived as you have guessed it, under the influence of LSD. I often feel the need to be creative without any real goal in mind, this project allows my mind to be free while satisfying my need to be creative. 

To view select works, please click here or visit TheBicycleDays.co.


自転車の日: Bicycle Days Volume One 

Limited to 25 copies

88 pages of content printed on premium matte paper.

Features exclusive never before seen designs.

Hand numbered & signed.

Available here.


Client: Personal Project
Role(s): Designer, Photographer.